Gingifast CAD

Gingifast CAD

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Gingifast CAD is a scannable fluid addition silicone, suitable for reproducing gingival morphology on models.

The elastic version with high tear resistance is recommended in the presence of undercuts or very thin thicknesses.

The rigid version is ideal for implant prosthesis applications.


• Two hardness versions: Elastic 40 Shore A, Rigid 70 Shore A

• Rapid working times

• Mixing ratio 1:1


• Time savings in data acquisition with CAD/CAM

• Greater precision compared to use of reflective sprays

• Compatible with both direct and indirect techniques

• Reduction of waste, thanks to the smaller tips

Product features

ProductMixing ratioWorking time*
Setting time*
Hardness (Shore A)
Gingifast Elastic1:12:0010:0040
Gingifats Rigid1:12:0010:0070

*The times mentioned above are intended from the start of the mixing phase at 23 °C (73 °F).




C203227Gingifast CAD Elastic2 x 50 cartridges + 12 blue mixing tips + 10 ml bottle Separator
C203232Gingifast CAD Rigid2 x 50 cartridges + 12 blue mixing tips + 10 ml bottle Separator



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