RTV-2 Platinum cure silicone for VERTICAL SURFACE

To be sprayed or brushed

The product is made thixotropic and can therefore be sprayed or brushed on vertical surfaces without dripping problems.
The thixotropizing agent can be added to be able to customize the desired degree of thixotropy.

NameChemicalColourMixing ratioHardness (ShA)WT (@ 23°C)ST (@ 23°C)Tear (N/mm)Visc (cP)Smallest packStd packMedium packBig pack
ZA 25-6 SPRAY SELF BOND*RTV-2 Platinum cureLight blue1:1256’30’2680001 + 1 Kg5 + 5 kg25 + 25 Kg200 + 200 kg
ZA 26 WT 10 Spray Thixo Self **RTV-2 Platinum cureLight blue1:12510'1h20Thixona3 + 3 kg25 + 25 Kg200 + 200 kg
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