Silicones for healthcare

Biocompatible silicones for Medical and Biomedical sectors

ZA SFX 0020 and ZA SFX 10 WT 10 room-temperature-curing (RTV-2) silicone rubber grades have passed the tests and obtained the biocompatibility certification. Therefore, they can be used in a variety of Medical and Biomedical applications.

Both can remain in contact with skin without lesions for over thirty days. ZA SFX 0020 and ZA SFX 10 WT 10 polymerize with the polyaddition process (platinum). They represent the ideal choice in the medical and biomedical sector, for example for the creation of:

  • removable external prostheses
  • silicone liners
  • medical simulators
  • anti-decubitus cushions
  • therapeutic hosiery

Main features:

– ZA SFX 0020: translucent, extremely soft (20 sh00) and elastic.
– ZA SFX 10 WT 10: translucent, soft (10 shA) and extremely elastic

ProductColourHardnessWT (@23°C)St (@23°C)Tear Matric system (N/mm)Tear B USA system (ppi)Visc (cP)Elogation at break
ZA SFX 0020translucent20 Sh0025'1h 10'4235.200770%
ZA SFX 10 WT 10translucent10 ShA12'40'147910.000650%
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