Various grades of architectural moulding silicones

RTV-2 silicone rubbers are particularly used in the production of decorated concrete objects.

RTV-2 silicones in contact with cement have the following main advantages compared to other elastomers (eg Polyurethane):

  • Do not require the use of separators
  • They maintain softness and elasticity for a long time

The Zhermack RTV-2 range has been specifically designed to replicate stones and construction materials, producing exceptional fidelity for every detail, including surface texture. The various grades of architectural moulding silicones enable builders to replicate accurately the look while providing excellent resistance against casting materials.

In particular, our RTV2 poly addition silicone rubbers are highly elastic, have excellent mechanical properties, and are compatible with various types of concrete formulas. We can also supply them oil-free for unrivalled dimensional stability (even for 20 years or more) in contact with stone and cement.

Our RTV2 poly condensation silicone rubbers are highly fluid, have excellent mechanical properties, and come in a range of hardnesses. They can be cured with a non-inflammable tin catalyst that can be shipped as sea or air freight at no extra cost.

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