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Various application sectors

RTV-2 silicones are used in various application sectors thanks to the technical peculiarities that distinguish them:

  • Easy to use (mixing ratio 1:1)
  • High dimensional stability (very low shrinkage)
  • Excellent mechanical characteristics (tear resistance, elasticity)
  • High thermal resistance (-40 C to 200 C for long time and for short time also until 250 C)
  • Easy to demould
  • Elasticity of the mould for long time.
NameChemicalColourMixing ratioHardness (ShA)WT (@ 23°C)ST (@ 23°C)Tear (N/mm)Visc (cP)Smallest packStd packMedium packBig pack
ZA 00 TranslucidRTV-2 Platinum curetranslucid1 : 140 sh006'1h2.515001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg200+200 kg
ZA 4 LTRTV-2 Platinum curered1 : 1411'1h30’518001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg200+200 kg
ZA 8 LTRTV-2 Platinum curetranslucid1 : 1815'2h30’712001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg200+200 kg
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