Silicone rubbers for industrial applications

One of our strengths is our ability to control the development, production and quality of all our products. We have our own plant for synthesising raw materials, our own highly structured system for controlling and validating production processes and our own R&D department to customise products to meet specific needs. As a result we can optimise our entire production system and supply materials that offer truly exceptional performance.

Our expertise in addition and condensation silicone rubbers and alginates allows us to develop solutions capable of satisfying even the most demanding customers. We serve a wide range of sectors that use silicone rubber, including mould making, rapid prototyping, vacuum bagging, jewellery, ceramics, construction and even cinematic special effects.

Our vast product know-how enables us to respond rapidly to the needs of users and customers, to identify the best possible solutions and to select the most suitable products, whatever the application.

Willing collaboration and open sharing of competence are two of our basic principles, and help us to optimise our production process and ensure the best possible end results. After all, our own success depends on that of our customers.

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