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Zhermack expertise in the dental sector has given the possibility to develop polyaddition cartridges to take the ear canal impression.

A perfect impression taking is the first step to obtain a precise hearing aid without future problems.

For this purpose we developed ELITE ZA OT 38, a product that is more precise (minor shrinkage) than the main impression materials on the market.

RTV-2 Platinum cure silicone rubber. The material is used in the otology sector to take the ear canal impression.

ELITE ZA OT 38 is the product with the lowest dimensional shrinkage on the market, and this feature allows to realize accurate impressions that guarantees the patient’s wellbeing thanks to a perfect fit between the ear canal and the hearing aid.

ELITE ZA OT 38 has been developed in partnership with the most important otology companies considering fundamental parameters such as:

  • Very low dimensional shrinkage;
  • Ease of use;
  • Low extraction strength;
  • Optimal hardness, so that the material can be employed with every kind of cartilage;
  • Appropriate color for laser scanning.

ELITE ZA OT 38 has been formulated to be used with every kind of cartilage, for children, adults and elderly people. The formulation is such as to obtain the correct compromise between ease of use, hardness, impression removal from the ear canal and precision. The product can be supplied also in 20+20 kg buckets to be used on behalf of third parties or for other special applications.

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