Casting silicones that set cold by poly addition. RTV-2 silicones are used in the lost wax casting process to form an investment mould into which molten metal can be poured.

We supply clear and coloured silicones in a range of hardnesses, developed in conjunction with leading premium jewellers.

The key characteristics of these silicones are:

  • Maximum precision in the reproduction of details
  • Low viscosity
  • Ease of use
  • Dimensional stability over time
  • Excellent chemical compatibility with waxes
  • High mechanical strength
  • Excellent colouring to satisfy the needs of novice and expert users.
NameChemicalColourMixing ratioHardness (ShA)WT (@ 23°C)ST (@ 23°C)Tear (N/mm)Visc (cP)Smallest packStd packMedium packBig pack
HT 33 TransparentRTV-2 Platinum curetranslucid1 : 133 20’ 3h 30'2075001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg200+200 kg
HT 33 RossoRTV-2 Platinum curered1 : 133 20’ 3h 30'2075001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg200+200 kg
HT 42 GrigioRTV-2 Platinum curegrey1 : 14125' 8h17250001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg-
HT 45 TransparentRTV-2 Platinum curetranslucid1 : 14312'2h 30'1580001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg200+200 kg
ZA 50 LTRTV-2 Platinum cureblue1 : 15018'4h8180001+1 kg5+5 kg25+25 kg200+200 kg
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