Occlufast CAD

Occlufast CAD

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Developed for use in the dental practice, but also excellent for laboratory use, Occlufast CAD is an addition silicone for bite registration, scannable without using reflective sprays.

The short working time allows the laboratory work to be optimised.


• Accurate reproduction of details

• High hardness: 95 Shore A

• Mixing ratio 1:1

• Setting time 60 seconds*


• Short setting time

• Scannable without using reflective sprays

• Easy to finish, including with a bur



*Setting time: could be longer depending on environmental conditions.

Product features


Mixing ratio
Base: Catalyst
Working time**
Setting time**
reproduction (μm)
Linear dimensional
change (after 24 h)
(Shore A)
1:10:301:00200.05 %95

**The times mentioned must be intended at 35 °C – 95 °F.




C200800Occlufast CAD2 x 50 ml cartridges (Base + Catalyst) + 12 green mixing tips



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