Oranwash VL


• Hydrocompatibility of the fluids

• Biocompatibility on damaged mucosae

• High final hardness*

• Tear resistance


Hydrocompatibility of the fluids: helps achieve an accurate impression

Biocompatibility on damaged mucosae: allows safe use on patients

High final hardness*: contributes to obtaining an accurate model once the gypsum has been cast

Tear resistance: reduces the risk of the impression tearing when it is removed from the patient’s mouth


*Zetaplus compared to Zetaplus Soft

Product features

Clinical working time*
Time in mouth**
Setting time*
ZetaplusManual mixingDouble step impression1:153:304:45
Zetaplus SoftManual mixingDouble step impression1:153:304:45
Oranwash LManual mixingDouble step impression1:303:305:00
Oranwash VLManual mixingDouble step impression1:303:305:00

* Clinical use times are intended as from the start of mixing at 23°C / 73°F.

** The time in mouth is intended as at 35°C / 95°F.

ProductISO 4823Elastic recoveryHardnessSurface detail reproductionScentShelf-life
ZetaplusType 0 Putty Consistency98,5 %70 Shore A20 μmmint3 years
Zetaplus SoftType 0 Putty Consistency98,5 %60 Shore A50 μmmint3 years
Oranwash LType 3 Light-Bodied Consistency98,5 %30 Shore A20 μmorange3 years
Oranwash VLType 3 Light-Bodied Consistency98,5 %30 Shore A20 μmmint3 years



CodeSetting TimeProductPack type
C100650Normal SetOranwash VL1 x 140 ml tube
C100740Normal SetOranwash VLZetaplus VL Intro Kit: 1 Zetaplus Soft 900 ml + 1 Oranwash VL 140 ml + 1 Indurent Gel 60 ml
+ 1 mixing block (15 sheets) + measuring spoon
CodeProductUsed withPack type
C100700Indurent Gel (Catalyst)Zetaplus System1 x 60 ml tube


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