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Zhermack offers the professional podiatrist liquid or paste polyaddition silicones.

Zhermack has chosen to develop only polyaddition silicones (platinum cure) to preserve the patient’s health: platinum silicones are the safer kind of silicones when they come into contact with the human body.

Paste silicones have been developed in collaboration with the main podiatrists and satisfy the following requests:

  • Optimized hardness to carry out a protective and corrective action;
  • Appropriate texture;
  • Easily dosed thanks to the 1:1 mixing ratio;
  • Easily mixed;
  • Good mechanical properties;
  • Optimal elastic return;
  • Long durability of the orthosis.

Liquid silicones comprehend the main hardnesses used in the sector for insoles, heel guides and spreaders.

This requires:

  • Good transparency;
  • Good elastic return;
  • Adequate softness;

Zhermack made an ethical choice by developing only platinum RTV-2, because they are the only ones that are safe for the patient and the operator.

RTV-2 Zhermack paste silicones are part of the ZA PODOS family. They are used by podiatrists to realize customized orthosis for protective and corrective use.

Catalysis is very fast, and setting takes place in a few minutes after the beginning of the mixing phase. The finished orthosis are soft, elastic and resistant.

ZA PODOS is available in three different versions:

  • ZA PODOS 15: a soft product, with an hardness of 13 shA, perfect for protecting the foot;
  • ZA PODOS 25: a product with a medium hardness of 23 shA, adopted for corrective and protective purposes;
  • ZA PODOS 35: a product with a high hardness of 35 shA, useful for correcting foot defectiveness.

In addition to paste silicones, we also offer liquid RTV-2 used with the casting method in the production of insoles, heel guides and toes spreaders. The products are highly fluid and have a short setting time that allows to work with extreme simplicity. Every product guarantees optimal elastic return and mechanical properties.

The main products in our offer are supplied in four different hardnesses:

  • 0 shA, transparent, low viscosity and good mechanical properties;
  • 4 shA, red color, low viscosity and good mechanical properties;
  • 8 shA, transparent, low viscosity and good mechanical properties;
  • 13 shA, transparent, low viscosity and good mechanical properties.
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