Hydrorise Implant Light Body

Hydrorise Implant Light Body

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Hydrorise Implant Light Body (mixing ratio 1:1) is a low viscosity vinyl polysiloxane, recommended for the one-step technique, in combination with Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body.



• 99,5% elastic recovery

• Dimensional stability for up to 21 days

• Tear resistance

• High final hardness

• Scannable even without reflective sprays

• Radiopacity


• Accurate and reliable impressions: elastic recovery of nearly 100% and tear resistance help maintain the impression’s accuracy even after its removal from the oral cavity

• Accuracy over time: the product’s dimensional stability helps maintain impression accuracy for up to 21 days

Ideal combination of rigidity and elasticity: Hydrorise Implant Light Body has the high rigidity needed to stabilise the transfer in the three-dimensional spatial position detected within the oral cavity and enough elasticity to ensure easy removal of the impression from the oral cavity.

 Safety for the patient and the professional: Hydrorise Implant Light Body is radiopaque and therefore allows dentists to identify any subgingival material residues with a plain-film X-ray performed in the dental practice

Facilitates access to digital work flows: Hydrorise Implant Light Body is scannable even without using reflective sprays. Scannability facilitates access to digital work flows.

Product features

ProductDelivery systemRecommended techniqueType of settingWorking time (including mixing
Time in mouth**Setting time*
Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body5:1 automatic mixingSingle step impressionNormal set02:0003:3005:30
Hydrorise Implant Medium Body5:1 automatic mixingMonophase impressionNormal set

Quick Set



Hydrorise Implant Light Body1:1 semi-automatic mixingSingle step impressionNormal set02:0003:3005:30

* Times are intended from the beginning of mixing at 23°C (73 °F). Higher temperatures shorten setting times, lower temperatures extend them.
** Time in mouth is intended at 35°C / 95°F.

ProductISO 4823Elastic recoveryLinear dimensional change (after 24 h)Hardness (Shore A)Shelf-Life
Hydrorise Implant Heavy BodyType 1 Heavy-bodied Consistency> 99.5 %< 0.20 %653 years
Hydrorise Implant Medium BodyType 2 Medium-bodied Consistency> 99.5 %< 0.20 %603 years
Hydrorise Implant Light BodyType 3 Light-bodied Consistency> 99.5 %< 0.20 %553 years


Code Pack type
C2070912 x 50 ml cartridges (Base + Catalyst) + 12 mixing tips (small)
C207095Hydrorise Implant Kit Heavy/Light: 1 x 380 ml cartridge Heavy Body + 1 x 50 ml cartridge of Light Body + 6 dynamic-static mixing tips + 6 mixing tips (small) + 1 tip locker

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