Hydrorise Implant Light Body

Hydrorise Implant Light Body

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Hydrorise Implant is a scannable radiopaque A-Silicone specific for implantology, developed by Zhermack R&D to complete the Hydrorise range.

Characterised by a high final hardness, it allows to obtain an accurate impression that detects the three-dimensional position of the implant with precision before transferring it to the laboratory.
Available in three viscosities – Heavy, Medium and Light Body – in order to combine the need for rigidity with the one for detail reproduction, it can be used with monophase (Medium Body) and simultaneous (Heavy and Light Body) techniques.
Hydrorise Implant is available both in Normal (Heavy, Light and Medium Body) and Quick Set (Medium Body) versions to fulfill the different clinical needs of the dental practice.
It is packed in automatic mixing cartridges to simplify and speed up the mixing phase.
Moreover, it can be used with the main impression trays (standard in plastic or steel, or custom in resin).




• Mixing ratio 1:1 (Hydrorise Implant Light Body 50 ml)

• High final hardness

• Hydrocompatibility

• Thixotropy

• Radiopacity

• Biocompatibility

• Scannability without using matting sprays

• Mint scented


• High rigidity that helps holding the transfer in the three-dimensional position

• High elastic recovery to minimize the risk of deformation during removal from the mouth

• Ideal snap-set that combines an adequate working time with a short time in the mouth

• High detail reproducibility of soft tissues around the transfer (Light Body)

• Ease of use (mixing and dosing) thanks to the self-mixing cartridges

• 380 ml cartridges compatible with the main 5:1 automatic mixers on the market

• High dimensional stability

• High thixotropy: the material does not flow in the mouth of the patient

• Disinfectability without any significant dimensional changes

• Biocompatible for a greater patient safety

• Immediate impression readability by the dentist thanks to easily readable colors

• Easy removal of the model from the impression by the dental technician

• 3 years shelf-life

Product features

ProductDelivery systemViscosityRecommended techniquesImplantologyType of settingWorking time* (min:s)Time in mouth* (min:s)Setting time* (min:s)
Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body5:1 automatic mixingHeavySingle step impressionNormal set02:0003:3005:30
Hydrorise Implant Medium Body5:1 automatic mixingMediumMonophase impressionNormal set

Quick Set



Hydrorise Implant Light Body1:1 dispenserLightSingle step impressionNormal set02:0003:3005:30
ProductISO 4823Strain in compressionElastic recoveryLinear dimensional change (after 24 h)Hardness (Shore A)Shelf-Life
Hydrorise Implant Heavy BodyType 1 Heavy-bodied Consistency1 - 3 %> 99.3 %< 0.25 %703 years
Hydrorise Implant Medium BodyType 2 Medium-bodied Consistency1 - 3 %> 99.3 %< 0.25 %603 years
Hydrorise Implant Light BodyType 3 Light-bodied Consistency1 - 3,1 %> 99.3 %< 0.25 %553 years

* the times mentioned must be intended at 35 °C – 95 °F


Code Packaging
C2070912 x 50 ml cartridges + 12 mixing tips yellow
C207095Hydrorise Implant Intro pack Kit Heavy/Light: 1 x 380 ml Heavy Body + 1 x 50 ml Light Body + 6 dynamic-static mixing tips + 6 mixing tips yellow + 1 mixing tip locker

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