Who we are

A great Group, with a great vision for the future.

Zhermack is an international group that offers cutting-edge materials and solutions for the dental, industrial and wellbeing sectors, with special solutions for cosmetics and personal care around the world.

Founded in 1981, today Zhermack is part of the international Dentsply Sirona Group. The company has branches in Germany, the United States and Poland, plus local representatives all over the world.

In addition, it is able to guarantee worldwide distribution thanks to a consolidated, long-standing partnership with a global network of distributors and dealers. An international approach is part of Zhermack’s DNA: a global presence has enabled Zhermack to work in synergy as a group in interaction with all clients, guaranteeing outstanding quality and services. Always.

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Fulfilling your needs

Fulfilling is our commitment

guaranteeing the professional fulfilment of all employees, partners, clients and end consumers, in order to give more value to everyone’s work, and more quality to every individual’s life.

Your is a sentiment

for us, people are the starting point as well as the point of arrival. We establish direct relationships with them, a communication channel that is kept open at all times, and we share the same passion in reaching goals.

Needs is an abiding thought

our clients demand simple answers and reliable solutions.

We start with listening and respecting their requirements in order to anticipate their needs, whether voiced or not, with competitive solutions of excellent quality.

Three divisions, one shared vision

Dental, Industrial, Wellbeing.

Three divisions, to satisfy the market needs with excellent solutions. For the dental sector, for multiple applications in the industrial sector and for cosmetics and personal care.


Zhermack Dental. Zhermack’s core business, with a comprehensive range of solutions dedicated to the dental sector. For the taking of impressions, control of cross-infection and dental reconstruction. For simplifying processes in the dental laboratory.

Zhermack Industrial. A division that targets an extremely vast market, in which Zhermack silicone rubbers and alginates cater to the requirements of various industrial sectors.

Zhermack Wellbeing. Solutions that contribute to wellbeing and personal care in sectors that include cosmetics, podiatry and otology, based on neutral alginates, silicones and resins produced with outstanding technical and quality standards.