Hydrorise Implant

Hydrorise Implant

Hydrorise Implant is a scannable addition silicone with high rigidity, formulated for implant prosthodontics.
The greater rigidity of Hydrorise Implant viscosities compared to those of Hydrorise achieves greater stability in transfers to impressions. It also ensures that the correct three-dimensional position is maintained even after removal from the oral cavity.[1]

Hydrorise Implant combines high-performance technical properties with the benefits of digital workflows. Thanks to its unique formula, Hydrorise Implant is scannable even without reflective sprays.
The scannability of impressions facilitates access to digital workflows without requiring the use of an intraoral scanner. It also reduces the risk of errors caused by the casting of traditional gypsum models.

Radiopacity allows dentists to identify any subgingival material residues with a plain-film X-ray performed in the dental practice, thus affording the
professional peace of mind and ensuring patient comfort.

[1] [1] Baldissara P.; Koci B.; Messias A.M.; Meneghello R.; Ghelli F.; Gatto M.R.; Ciocca L., Assessment of impression material accuracy in complete-arch restorations on four implants, «JOURNAL OF PROSTHETIC DENTISTRY», 2021, 1, pp. 1 – 9 [article]

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