Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body

Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body

Hydrorise Implant is a scannable radiopaque A-Silicone specific for implantology, developed by Zhermack R&D to complete the Hydrorise range. It achieves the best performance in edentulous arches with more than two implants.



• Mixing ratio 5:1
• High final hardness
• Hydrocompatibility
• Thixotropy
• High consistency
• Radiopacity
• Biocompatibility
• Scannability without using matting sprays
• Mint scente


• Suitable for taking impressions both on complex and less extensive cases
• High rigidity and accuracy of the impression in transferring the threedimensional position of the implant
• Ease of use (mixing and dosing) thanks to the self-mixing cartridges
• 380 ml cartridges compatible with the main 5:1 automatic mixers on the market
• Ideal Snap-Set for complex multi-unit implant cases:
– Long working time
– Shorter permanence in the oral cavity

• High dimensional stability, typical of A-Silicones
• High thixotropy: the material does not fl ow in the mouth of the patient
• Disinfectability
• Biocompatible to reduce possible tissue reactions and post-operation infection risk
• Immediate impression readability by the dentist thanks to easily readable colors
• Easy development and removal of the model from the impression by the dental technician
• 3 years shelf-life

Product features

ProductDelivery systemViscosityRecommended techniquesImplantologyType of settingWorking time (min:s)Time in mouth (min:s)Setting time (min:s)
Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body5:1 automatic mixingHeavySingle step impressionNormal set02:0003:3005:30
Hydrorise Implant Medium Body5:1 automatic mixingMediumMonophase impressionNormal set

Quick Set



Hydrorise Implant Light Body1:1 dispenserLightSingle step impressionNormal set02:0003:3005:30

* the times mentioned must be intended at 35 °C – 95 °F

ProductISO 4823Strain in compressionElastic recoveryLinear dimensional change (after 24 h)Hardness (Shore A)Shelf-Life
Hydrorise Implant Heavy BodyType 1 Heavy-bodied Consistency1 - 3 %> 99.3 %< 0.25 %703 years
Hydrorise Implant Medium BodyType 2 Medium-bodied Consistency1 - 3 %> 99.3 %< 0.25 %603 years
Hydrorise Implant Light BodyType 3 Light-bodied Consistency1 - 3,1 %> 99.3 %< 0.25 %553 years


Code ProductPackaging
C207090Hydrorise Implant Heavy Body2 x 380 ml cartridges + 15 dynamic-static mixing tips + 2 mixing tip lockers
C207095Hydrorise Implant Heavy BodyHydrorise Implant Intro pack Kit Heavy/Light: 1 x 380 ml Heavy Body + 1 x 50 ml Light Body + 6 dynamic-static mixing tips
+ 6 mixing tips yellow + 1 mixing tip locker

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