Hydrorise is a highly hydrocompatible silicone that achieves an accuracy of 5 microns in detail reproduction.

Adequate detail reproduction is one of the main requirements for a successful impression.[4] Zhermack has developed a product that goes well beyond applicable standards with precision 4 times greater than that demanded by European standards.*
Hydrorise fluids offer a precision of 5 microns, ensuring excellent detail reproduction.

Zhermack defines hydrocompatibility as an affinity for water.
Zhermack therefore uses the concept of hydrocompatibility to differentiate its own silicones from other materials on the market.
Thanks to their low angle of contact, Zhermack silicones offer high performance in humid environments and maintain dimensional stability.
Hydrorise has been shown to have one of the best angles of contact on the market.** Its excellent hydrocompatibility helps obtain precise and accurate impressions.

*ISO 4823:2015
**In-house comparative tests against some of the best-known impression materials on the market.
[4] Shillingburg, Herbert T., et al. Fundamentals of fixed prosthodontics. Quintessence Publishing Company, 1997.

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