Acrytemp is a bisacrylic self-curing resin for the fast preparation of provisional elements in the dental practice.

It is practical to use, thanks to the self-mixing system, easy to trim and polish, with a high fracture resistance. Its particular formulation is without methyl methacrylate monomer and allows to maintain low temperatures during the setting reaction that does not irritate the pulp. Acrytemp is available in 3 shades and offers a natural aesthetic effect that reproduces the colour of teeth, to meet the needs of the patients and of the dentist.


• High fracture resistance

• Methyl methacrylate monomer free

• Low temperature increase during the setting reaction

• The colourings A2; A3; A3,5 allow to meet the most common clinical situations

• Natural fluorescence

• Self-mixing system in 50 ml (4:1) cartridge for an optimal dosage and time saving


• Easy handling

• Can be easily trimmed and polished

• Respects the pulp, due to low exothermic setting reaction

• No irritations

• Natural aesthetics effect of the finished provisional elements

Product features

Working time
Elastic phase, from the beggining of mixing
Setting time
Compressive strength
(after 24 h)
Flexural strength
(after 24 h)
AcrytempTemporary crowns
and bridges, inlays, onlays
and veneers
0:602:00 - 3:00 (35 °C)
4:00 - 6:00 (23 °C)
5:00 (45 - 55 °C)
10:00 (23 °C)
290 MPa> 60 MPa


C700200AcrytempA2Standard Pack: 1 cartridge 50 ml (76 g) + 15 mixing tips 4:1
C700215AcrytempA3Standard Pack: 1 cartridge 50 ml (76 g) + 15 mixing tips 4:1
C700205AcrytempA3,5Standard Pack: 1 cartridge 50 ml (76 g) + 15 mixing tips 4:1
C700230AcrytempD2 - 4:1 dispenser
C700240Acrytemp4:1 mixing tips (45 pcs)


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