Hydrorise Implant

Hydrorise Implant

Hydrorise Implant is a scannable radiopaque A-Silicone specific for implantology, developed by Zhermack R&D to complete the Hydrorise range.

Characterised by a high final hardness, it allows to obtain an accurate
impression that detects the three-dimensional position of the implant with
precision before transferring it to the laboratory.

Available in three viscosities – Heavy, Medium and Light Body – in order to
combine the need for rigidity with the one for detail reproduction, it can be used with monophase (Medium Body) and simultaneous (Heavy and Light Body) techniques.

Hydrorise Implant is available both in Normal (Heavy, Light and Medium Body) and Quick Set (Medium Body) versions to fulfill the different clinical needs of the dental practice. It is packed in automatic mixing cartridges to simplify and speed up the mixing phase.

Moreover, it can be used with the main impression trays (standard in plastic or steel, or custom in resin).

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