Elite Model – Elite Model Fast

Elite Model – Elite Model Fast

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Elite Model is a high quality type 3 stones indicated for making antagonists and filling flasks in removable prosthesis applications with heat-curing resins.


• Low expansion

• High mechanical characteristics

• Universal use


• Model fabrication facilitated by the high thixotropy

• Extreme versatility due to its superior characteristics compared to other stones of the same type

Product features


Elite ModelElite Model Fast
ColorIvory, Steel BlueLight Cream, Sky Blue, White
Main featureThixotropicThixotropic
Water / Powder30 ml / 100 g30 ml / 100 g
Mixing time (m)*1:001:00
Mixing time (v)**0:300:30
Working time7:004:00
Setting time***12:008:00
Removal time45:0015:00
Expansion after 2 h0.04 %0.10 %
Expansion after 48 h0.07 %0.10 %
Compressive strength 1 h31 MPa
(316 kg / cm2)
36 MPa
(366 kg / cm2)
Compressive strength 48 h62 MPa
(632 kg / cm2)
65 MPa
(662 kg / cm2)

* manual | ** vacuum, 240 rpm | *** Vicat




Elite Model3 kg25 kg carton25 kg drum
Steel BlueC410070C410221
Elite Model Fast200 g1 kg3 kg25 kg carton25 kg drum
Sky Blue--C410065C410224C410306
Light CreamC410069-C410067C410226C410308

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