Elite Vest

Elite Vest

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Just two types of powder and one universal liquid allow casts to be made with all alloys* and pressable ceramics.

Elite Vest Plus is the universal precision investment for fixed prostheses, compatible with base alloys*, precious alloys and pressable ceramics.

Elite Vest Cast is a precision investment specifically for frameworks, compatible with base alloys* and precious alloys.

Elite Vest Liquid is the universal mixing liquid for both investments.

*excluding titanium alloys


• Quick or traditional preheating

• Fine powder, carbon-free formulas with expansion adaptable to the working technique

• Excellent precision, particularly in implants and large bridges


• Easy to use and manage: just two products for all types of work

• Flexibility: expansion can be adapted to the different needs

• Work speed: smooth alloy surface after preparation

Product features

ProductFixed prosthesis
(crowns, inlays, onlays)
Fixed prosthesis
(crowns and bridges, partial crowns,
inlays, onlays, telescopic crowns)
Frameworks (combined extended removable
partial prosthesis in a single piece, combined
extended removable partial prosthesis with
clasps, normal removable partial prosthesis)
Pressable ceramicsAu alloys
with a high gold
Au alloys
with a low gold
Palladium alloysBase alloys
Elite Vest Plus
Elite Vest Cast
Elite Vest Liquid
Technical featuresElite Vest PlusElite Vest Cast
Powder/liquid ratio (Elite Vest Liquid)100 g / 24 - 26 ml100 g / 18 - 20 ml
Manual mixing time (min:s)00:15 - 00:3000:15 - 00:20
Vacuum mixing time (320 rpm) (min:s)00:6000:60
Vacuum maintenance time after mixing (min:s)00:15 - 00:3000:10 - 00:15
Working time* (min:s)6:005:00
Time in preheat oven (from start of mixing) (min:s)23:00 - 25:0023:00 - 25:00
Ideal liquid storage temperature18 - 22 °C (> 5 °C)18 - 22 °C (> 5 °C)
Preheat temperature850 - 900 °C900 - 930 °C
Maximum preheat temperature1200 °C1050 °C

*Times indicated may vary according to room temperature.



C420000Elite Vest Plus40 x 160 g bag
C420002Elite Vest Cast30 x 400 g bag
C420010Elite Vest LiquidBottle 1 L





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