Elite Soft Relining

Elite Soft Relining

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Elite Soft Relining is an A-Silicone for the preparation of soft relining on complete, partial or rehabilitation prostheses.
Easy to use, it is particularly indicated for direct application in the dental practice as well as in the laboratory.


• 1:1 Mixing ratio

• Excellent bonding to prosthetic base with Zhermack Elite Relining Primer special adhesive

• Odourless and tasteless

• Pink Colour


• Ease of use

• Elastic memory to make the prosthesis more stable

• It permits masticatory load absorption

• Suitable for direct use in the practice and for indirect use in the laboratory

• Chair time saving and immediate comfort for the patient

Product features

ProductWorking time*
Trimming time*
(direct method)
Time in mouth*
(direct method)
Elastic recoveryLinear dimensional
change (after 24 h)
(Shore A)
Elite Soft
0:600:605:0099.9 %< 0.2 %35

* the times mentioned must be intended at 23° C (73° F)


C700100Elite Soft ReliningStandard Pack: 1 cartridge 50 ml + 6 mixing tips yellow + 1 Primer 4 ml
C700130Elite Soft ReliningRefill: 1 cartridge 50 ml + 6 mixing tips yellow
C700140Elite Soft Relining1 bottle, Primer 4 ml
C202070Elite Soft ReliningMixing tips yellow (48 pcs)
C202100Elite Soft ReliningD2 Dispenser 1:1

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