Elite Rock

Elite Rock

Elite Rock is a type 4 stone to make scannable master models without using reflective sprays. It is an extra hard stone with high compressive strength, recommended for making master models for fixed prostheses.



• Low expansion, even after 48 hours

• Accurate reproduction of detail

• “Fast” version to save time


• Thixotropic to simplify fabrication of the model

Product features

 Elite MasterElite RockElite Rock FastElite BaseElite Stone
ScannableAllSilver GreySilver Grey--
ApplicationMaster model (fixed, dies)Master model (fixed)Master model (fixed)Bases for modelMaster model (removable)
ColorDesert Sand, Sandy Brown,
Soft Grey
Sandy Brown, Cream, White, Light Amber, Silver GreySandy Brown, Cream,
Silver Grey
Terracotta Red, Royal Blue, White, Peach Orange, GreyAqua Green, Pink, Navy Blue, Brown
Main featureResin reinforcedExtra hardExtra hardOptimal fluidityThermal shock resistant
Water / Powder21 ml / 100 g20 ml / 100 g20 ml / 100 g23 ml / 100 g25 ml / 100 g
Mixing time (m)*0:600:600:600:600:60
Mixing time (v)**0:300:300:300:300:30
Working time12:0012:005:005:008:00
Setting time***14:0014:009:0018:0014:00
Removal time45:0045:0025:0045:0045:00
Expansion after 2 h0.08 %0.08 %0.08 %0.05 %0.08 %
Expansion after 48 h0.19 %0.19 %0.19 %0.10 %0.09 %
Compressive strength 1 h50 MPa
(510 kg / cm2)
52 MPa
(530 kg / cm2)
52 MPa
(530 kg / cm2)
40 MPa
(408 kg / cm2)
42 MPa
(428 kg / cm2)
Compressive strength 48 h75 MPa
(765 kg / cm2)
81 MPa
(826 kg / cm2)
81 MPa
(826 kg / cm2)
83 MPa
(846 kg / cm2)
60 MPa
(612 kg / cm2)



Elite Rock200 g1 kg3 kg25 kg carton25 kg drum
Sandy BrownC410033C410032C410030C410200C410334
Silver Grey--C410010C410202C410330
Light Amber--C410035-C410335

Elite Rock Fast200 g1 kg3 kg25 kg carton25 kg drum
Sandy BrownC410152C410151C410150C410205C410337
Silver Grey--C410155C410206C410338

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