Elite LC Tray

Elite LC Tray

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Elite LC Tray is the line of light-curing resin plates for making custom impression trays and removable prosthesis bases.

Easy and quick to use, it meets the needs of the dental practice by optimising working times without compromising on quality.


• Cured with either halogen or UV light (3 – 5 minutes)

• Stable to daylight or artificial light for about 20’

• Available in three colours: blue, white and pink

• Minimum shrinkage after curing


• Easy to model, not sticky

• Quick, saves time with respect to traditional self-curing resins

• Uniform thickness

Product features

ProductCuring times
ThicknessHardness (Shore D)Curing
Elite LC Tray3:00 - 5:002.5 mm80UV light (350 - 400 nm)
Halogen light (420 - 480 nm)
Elite LC Tray
3:00 - 5:002.5 mm80UV light (350 - 400 nm)
Halogen light (420 - 480 nm)


D500100Elite LC TrayElite LC Tray White (50 pcs)
D500101Elite LC TrayElite LC Tray Pink (50 pcs)
D500102Elite LC TrayElite LC Tray Blue (50 pcs)

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