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Zmack Comp

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The Zmack system off ers universal light-curing composites for permanent restorations, that are used in the restoration of cavities of all classes (I, II, III, IV, V).
Zmack is indicated for the restoration of the anterior and posterior areas, for aesthetic restorations, for closing diastemas and for coronal lengthening. It is also possible to use the system for indirect restorations (inlays and onlays) and for veneer construction using direct techniques.
The Zmack System consists of: Zmack Etch, an etching gel; Zmack Bond, a self-priming adhesive; Zmack Flow, a flowable micro-hybrid composite and
Zmack Comp, a universal micro-hybrid composite. Zmack Flow and Comp are available in a multi shade range for the ideal camoufl age. Thanks to its physical properties, Zmack allows high level restorations in terms of quality, performance and aesthetics. The range to choose from, according to the specific clinical indication, represents a valid aid to the dentist and the secret behind the smile of each patient.

Zmack System is characterized by:

• Smart colours that mimetically blends with the surrounding tooth structure

• Polishes to match natural luster of enamel

• Shades match to the VITA® guide

• Smart consistency, for an easier job

• Creamy formula, not sticky nor slumpy

• Self micro-leveling behavior


Zmack Comp satisfies the clinicians requirements with:

• ideal camouflage with the hard tissue of the tooth, thanks to the selected range of eight body shades plus two opaque shades for layering techniques

• precise & easier job, thanks to the ideal consistency, Zmack Comp perfectly and effortlessly adapts to the margins without slumping

• universal and functional results, thanks to the micro-hybrid multi-purpose formula. The excellent mechanical properties make Zmack Comp ideal for both anterior and posterior teeth.

Product features

Filler content
in weight
Filler content
in volume
particle size
Zmack Comp383 MPa139.9 MPa10700 MPa77 %57 %75 - 90< 1.00 μm2.46 % (v/v)12.18 ug/mm32.4 mm AI
Zmack Flow350 MPa129 MPa5452 MPa61 %39 %661.41 μm
(mean of 1 μm)
4.50 % (v/v)19.00 ug/mm31.4 mm AI
ProductPolymerization times
(curing light output)
ApplicationShadesIncrement of layerCuring time
Zmack Comp≥ 500 mW/cm2All classesA1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2, C3
A2-O, A3.5-O, B3
3 mm

2 mm
Zmack Flow≥ 500 mW/cm2Direct Restorations Class I, III, V

Cavity Liner
A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B12 mm

1 mm

Zmack Bond≥ 550 mW/cm2

≥ 800 mW/cm2



C500101Zmack CompA1Syringe 4 g
C500102Zmack CompA2Syringe 4 g
C500103Zmack CompA3Syringe 4 g
C500104Zmack CompA3.5Syringe 4 g
C500105Zmack CompA2-OSyringe 4 g
C500106Zmack CompA3.5-OSyringe 4 g
C500110Zmack CompB1Syringe 4 g
C500111Zmack CompB2Syringe 4 g
C500100Zmack CompZmack Kit: Zmack Comp syringes 6 x 4 g (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, B1, B2) + Zmack Bond bottle 5 ml + 50 flocked applicators + Zmack Etch syringe 3 ml + 25 applicator needles


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