Elite HD+

Elite HD+

Elite HD+ is an addition silicone that combines the effects of nanotechnology with hydro-compatibility, thus guaranteeing high performance in a variety of clinical conditions, even the most difficult.
The nanoparticles contained inside the silicone increase its flowability to
reach the less accessible spaces of the gingival sulcus. The combination of
nanotechnology and hydrocompatibility allows you to obtain the information
quickly and therefore considerably reduce the risk of bubble formation. It is
indicated for the traditional fixed and removable prosthesis in the double,
monophase and single step impression techniques.
Available in 3 different packagings according to the type of mixing (manual,
mechanical or automatic) and with 6 different consistencies. All high
consistency materials, including Putty, can be mixed in a fast and easy way
with the automatic mixer for Zhermack 380 ml cartridges with a 5:1 ratio.

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