Elite Cord

Elite Cord

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Elite cord is recommended for gingival displacement: before impression taking in fixed prostheses; before all adhesive reconstructions and/or restorations and  in operations near the marginal tissue (for example,preparation of the sub-gingival margins).


• Non-impregnated cord

• Made from 100 % cotton fibre

• Interlinked knitted structure

• Each bottle contains 275 cm of cord

• Available in five thicknesses identified by different colours:
– # 000 size (black)
– # 00 size (yellow/black)
– # 0 size (purple/white)
– # 1 size (blue/white)
– # 2 size (green/white)

• Compatible with all types of commercially available haemostatic solution


• Easy and quick to position in the gingival sulcus thanks to its interlinked structure and high dimensional stability

• Optimal gingival displacement without trauma, thanks to the light but constant elastic pressure applied on the gingival tissue

• Effective control of the flow of fluid in the sulcus, thanks to the highly absorbent power of the 100 % cotton fibre

• Wide range of thicknesses, enabling the required gingival displacement to be obtained with all gum types


C610000Elite CordElite Cord # 000 (1 x 275 cm)
C610010Elite CordElite Cord # 00 (1 x 275 cm)
C610020Elite CordElite Cord # 0 (1 x 275 cm)
C610030Elite CordElite Cord # 1 (1 x 275 cm)
C610040Elite CordElite Cord # 2 (1 x 275 cm)

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