Innovation and research

Creating spaces of the future through research.

From material to innovation.

The ability to develop technological innovations and intelligent, competitive solutions with constant updates and improvements. This is the heritage that has brought Zhermack growth and success. The Group’s in-house international R&D teams with specialist skills work tirelessly to ensure the excellence and innovation that clients demand. All this to guarantee completely reliable systems designed to help those professionals who choose Zhermack.

Intelligent, competitive solutions with constant updates and improvements: this is the fulcrum around which the Zhermack world revolves.

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Compliance. Across the board.

The challenges posed by the global market are increasingly demanding.

The solution is to rely on a company that understands, anticipates and rises to these challenges. Ever since Zhermack was founded, it has operated in markets all around the world, drawing on knowledge of local restrictions and requirements to organise its operations and provide solutions, products and devices that are fully compliant and meet all local regulations, such as the legal requirements for CE marking, compliance with regulations set by the American FDA or the implementation of SOX-certified procedures.


A virtuous cycle leading to customer satisfaction.

Our clients’ needs are our guiding compass when it comes to new product development. Fulfilling their needs is our primary goal. To this end, we study new ideas, comparing and assessing them before implementation. Then, we transform them into practical solutions that spawn new projects to share with clients. It is a robust system that creates equally robust projects and solutions.