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Future dentists, full steam ahead!

On 18 and 19 May, Zhermack opened its doors to the International Association of Dental Students (IADS).

A group of future dentists from various parts of the world had the opportunity to visit the plants and take a closer look at our products, after taking advantage of a dedicated training session. Here’s how it went: interview with Nicholas D. Charles, Professional Service Manager, in Zhermack. In charge of: Institutional relationships with Scientific Associations, Universities and Key Opinion Leaders

  1. Nicholas, can you tell us how everything started? “During the last FDI fair in Poznan (Editor’s note: September 2016 – v. Z.Life nr_0), I had the chance to meet Sina Saygili, the President of the IADS. That meeting resulted in the collaboration between Zhermack and the Association, which goes beyond mere sponsorship to become a true experience for the students. Therefore, we decided to invite them here for an experience they will never forget. This way, we could involve different countries
    simultaneously, allowing us to enter indirectly in different Universities. Moreover, Zhermack has been the first company of the dental industry to propose this type of activity to the Association.
  2. So we can call ourselves pioneers. Who participated in this initiative? Nineteen students were selected among eighty-five applicants, all between the 3rd and 5th year of the school of Dentistry, coming from three continents and nine countries.
    Many of them travelled to Italy for the very first time.
  3. How did the event develop? The group gathered in Venice, where they followed a training programme about our impression materials and disinfection products, which addressed theoretical and practical aspects. Then, before leaving, they took a tour of the production plant, which really impressed them. They told me that they felt as if they were in one of those TV programmes where you find out how materials are made! We also organised their spare time and dinners in Badia, Ferrara, and Venice, so they could see the surrounding area.
  4. The students seemed to be enthusiastic and satisfied. What is your impression? Yes, they were extremely satisfied and impressed. More than one student asked me if it was possible to organise similar events in their countries for their colleagues. If there will be financial and organisational resources in the future, it would be great to repeat this event, involving more and more countries.
  5. In your opinion, which aspects will they remember the most? First of all, they had the opportunity to see an aspect of dentistry, which was completely new for them, i.e. the “life” of a manufacturer of dental materials. Moreover, this has been an intense life experience for them. They are all boys and girls with different habits, languages, and religions, who gathered here for one goal, which often frightens dentists, i.e. learning how to take good dental impressions.
  6. Thank you, Nicholas. Would you like to add a final comment? The organisation of this event was extremely demanding, I can’t deny that. But I think that this has been a successful event for Zhermack, as we provided the students with what they really need. And their warmth, enthusiasm, and gratitude proved it.