Zhermack GmbH Deutschland

Founded in 1998, Zhermack GmbH Deutschland is one of the leading dealer and manufacturer of consumable products for dental studios and laboratories in the German market.

With a team that includes 40 highly trained employees working to provide quick and precise answers to all your questions, sales agents trained on a regular basis to provide the best service, and an efficient logistic center that makes sure your receive fast shipment and delivery of your goods, Zhermack GmbH promises to dispatch all incoming orders until 16 on the same day, providing next day delivery on most order, and it combines a tailor-made service with the manufacturer expertise of Zhermack SpA in order to be your direct and reliable partner.

Zhermapol Sp. z.o.o.

Founded in 1990 and currently part of Zhermack SpA group, Zhermapol Sp. z.o.o. is the biggest manufacturer and dealer of material for dental laboratory in Poland, specialized in the production of acrylic resins for dentures and dental stones, and gaining popularity in the nail styling sector thanks to its excellent cosmetic acrylics.

Highly focused on maintaining its market leader position in Poland as well as on increasing exports to other countries, such as other European and Asian countries as well as new markets like Turkey, Morocco, Egypt, and Mexico, Zhermapol Sp. z.o.o. focuses on product improvement, user security, and environmental protection standards to deliver excellent products and services, resulting in high levels of customer satisfaction.