Environment & Responsibility

Sustainability, for growing in harmony with the territory.

Zhermack has always supported social solidarity projects, in the belief that promoting the welfare of the surrounding environment, and of the people with whom we interact, is an ethical commitment to be honoured at all times.

A defining characteristic of Zhermack is the integration between the company’s specific strategic policies and corporate social responsibility. Zhermack has always promoted company policy that is inextricably linked to its own values, expressing this through tangible projects in the world of education or social services. Today, sustainability is the way forward chosen by leading companies: Zhermack is not only an economic actor in its local area, but a social actor too, with the wherewithal to nurture and build a sustainable future together with the community.

Today, the company must no longer be assessed simply in terms of business and it cannot be separated from its other role, that of Social Actor. So we believe that in pursuing our mission, we are also called upon to create value within our society and, wherever possible, wellbeing.

Ing. Paolo Ambrosini, General Manager Zhermack SpA

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Awareness, for the future of the environment.

Zhermack has always believed it is essential to recognise the vital importance of safeguarding the environment. It does so through behaviour and practices that help protect the environment, like energy efficiency, separate waste collection and recycling, and a reduction in air pollution and waste.

The aim is to improve the health and safety of Zhermack employees and the world that revolves around the company, made up of people, the territory and the environment. Thanks to this environmentally friendly policy, in 2001 Zhermack obtained ISO 14001 certification of its Environmental Management System. An investment made every day, for all our tomorrows.