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The new Zhermack machine for the mixing of alginates and plasters at dental practices. Hurrimix2: a machine you can no longer do without!

Zhermack, world leader in the production of materials for dental impressions, introduces the evolution of our mixing machine for alginates and plasters: Hurrimix. «Hurrimix2 has been specifically designed to increase the efficiency of practices» explains Nicola Rossi, PM at Impression, Zhermack. «In order to improve efficiency, it is necessary to ensure constant, rapid and reliable mixing. In this way it is possible to shorten times and reduce the number of errors in the creation of dental impressions”.

Hurrimix2 adopts technical solutions which ensure consistently high quality levels of mixing compared to manual mixing, thanks to speed control for mixing bowls, both in acceleration and braking. It is possible to choose from 10 programmes (7 optimised for Zhermack products and 3 free ones to adapt to the clinic’s operative requirements, for both dental use alginates and plasters), with fast and reliable mixing guaranteed.

The new modern and elegant design adapts to the aesthetic requirements of dental practices.

Adopted technical solutions have been developed from Zhermack’s experience on the dental market for over 35 years, guaranteeing the reliability expected by professionals. Examples include the use of steel and bronze mechanisms to control wear, or the use of a techno-polymer for the external container, for worry-free disinfection* as it is heat resistance, in compliance with legislation in force, robust and shock-proof. Nicola Rossi adds that «Today, all professionals require instruments to simplifyincreasingly hectic and complicated work loads. As manufacturers, it is our job to supply intelligent solutions to master such complexities». 

This is why Hurrimix2 is equipped with a full range of accessories (for example dosing bottle for water during mixing, or specific spatulas with profiles that match mixing bowl profiles, to reduce waste and ensure the more rapid collection of material). Hurrimix2 can be used to mix alginates and plasters too: often the need to directly pour the impression in the dental practice emerges (to save time and costs). This process is also made simpler by Hurrimix2.

Hurrimix2 is the perfect solution for heightening mixing and impression quality. It simplifies flow and working time at the dental practice and contributes towards bolstering the efficiency of dental practice professionals. Immediately upon first use, you’ll realise you can no longer do without it.


Hurrimix2: empower your impression!


*with the use of non-alcohol based disinfectants