Hygiene applications

Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization to protect dentists’ clinics and technicians’ laboratories against infection.

Zeta Hygiene is a complete range of cleaning, disinfecting and sterilising products, free from toxic substances like phenols and aldehydes and formulated for high compatibility with clinic and laboratory surfaces. These innovative products are manufactured to the strictest quality standards and tested to ensure conformity to the latest European regulations.

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Booklet Infection Control and Prevention

When we enter a dental surgery, everything around us looks squeaky clean and uncontaminated.
But is this really true?
In actual fact, just like any other setting, a multitude of micro-organisms which are invisible to the naked eye are hiding here too. Many of these are entirely harmless for humans, but others are potentially dangerous and, if they penetrate the human body, they could cause infections and disease…

Hygiene Solutions

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Pre-release from IDS

Zeta 1 Ultra

Cleaner and disinfectant
for dental instruments and burs

Zeta 5 Power Act

Suction unit disinfectant and cleaner
that allows you to choose between
a rapid and complete disinfection

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