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City: Webinar Zoom

Country: Italy

Type: Course

Pavillion: Zoom

Worn dentition: the Speed Up Therapy and the Slow Dentistry concept

Start date: 26/04/2022
End date: 26/04/2022
TITLE: Worn dentition: the Speed Up Therapy and the Slow Dentistry concept


SPEAKER: Dr. Davide Foschi


ABSTRACT: In recent years the increase of acid substances’ abuse and the more frequent consolidation of harmful habits are pathologies that have been leading to severe loss of dental tissue and to the compromise of the oral cavity health.

The rehabilitation of worn teeth represents a challenge that modern dentistry has been facing with increasing interest during the last years.By offering the possibility to test the rehabilitation project even before starting to “touch” the worn teeth, the additive approach has allowed to revolutionize techniques, materials and timing necessary to rehabilitate patients affected by these problems, representing a real revolution in the planning and management of these treatments. This rehabilitation approach must absolutely be based on the conservation of residual dental tissues and must, first of all, restore the functional aspect, however without losing sight of the aesthetic needs.

We are very fascinated by the idea of quickly restoring highly compromised situations, but we are well aware that the quality of the procedures requires technical and biological times that we must respect. “When and how” are often the elements that make the difference. Often a multidisciplinary approach is needed where prosthetic reconstructions play an important but not unique role, so direct conservative and orthodontics can be a great support to achieve the goals!

We will evaluate all these aspects in this webinar and we will try to discuss which choices may be the best ones.

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