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City: Webinar Zoom

Country: Italy

Type: Course

Pavillion: Zoom

3Step method in everyday dentistry

Start date: 15/11/2022
End date: 15/11/2022

TITLE:3Step method in everyday dentistry

SPEAKERS: Dr. Giuseppe Puma



The 3 STEP METHOD, codified by Dr. Vailati in 2005, was developed exclusively for the complete aesthetic and functional rehabilitative treatment of mouths affected by dental erosion, basing its essence on the principles of adhesion accompanied by a new vision of the vertical dimension of occlusion. Today, however, it becomes an approach, a vision, a method. It becomes a set of new prosthetic terms. A philosophy of thought. Additive, mini-invasive, rehabilitative, reconstructive. But above all diagnostics. This aspect makes it really a unique procedure, clear, repeatable, and usable for all forms of prosthetic treatment, from conservative rehabilitation to implant-supported extended reconstruction. Let’s see together how to apply it in everyday dentistry.




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