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World in progress

A world presence, as always.

Making progress, constantly. Creating value, to make our solutions accessible to the whole world. With creativity and above all with the ability to transform every challenge into an opportunity for development. To actively seize on market trends and understand the requirements of partners, clients and end consumers. A group that is present, active and near, all around the world.


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We create partnerships. Now as in the past.

Clients represent a fundamental asset for Zhermack. That is why they are always at the centre of every aspect of business, with a Customer-Centric approach.

Quality, commitment, vision. These are the pillars that support the Zhermack world, which can be summed up in one word: partnership. The kind of partnership that develops and grows between those striving to achieve common goals, cooperating closely in a mutually beneficial way. Since 1981 we have followed this simple rule: build trust by supporting the day-to-day work of the professionals who work with us. Our clients are like our centre of gravity, as our business always revolves around them to provide services and solutions designed to support them.

With professionalism and dedication, we have created robust partnerships with all our dealers with whom we have established successful alliances over the years: an international network of over 1000 commercial partners in 120 countries, characterised by long-term business relationships.

We are our most demanding Client.

We start from a clear, simple, unequivocal concept, that can be summed up with the term ‘Customer centric’, meaning everything revolves around the client. All our work is aimed at satisfying the requirements of those who choose us. Starting from analysis of their needs, through to actual design of solutions. Our entire organisation is geared to satisfying customer expectations.

And it is something we are able to do because we put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, and always demand the best of ourselves.