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Hope is a big company: Christmas with Zhermack

Badia Polesine, 17 December 2018

Zhermack reiterates its social engagement, offering Christmas gifts to important charity projects locally and in places further afield.


“Improving the oral health, the professional lives and the well-being of people all around the world…” “This is the group’s promise, our vision” says Paolo Ambrosini, General Manager of Zhermack S.p.A.

This mission is evident in the real and concrete actions by the Company, which seals its social engagement by choosing to give the entire value of the group’s Christmas present budget to charity.

Many local projects will benefit from Zhermack’s donation, supported by the City of Badia Polesine and the association “UGUALI DIVERSAMENTE”

With Zhermack’s help, the city council will be able to create a fund for people in need, such as single-salary families with children, older or sick people.

Another goal is to support the “Academy of Disability”, an important project created by the amateur sports association “UGUALI DIVERSAMENTE”, active in the city of Rovigo since 2011 in its pledge to give practical help to people with disability and social problems.

This means that young people will be able to benefit from re-education and rehabilitation programmes that include activities with clinical pedagogues, professional educators, sports educators, speech therapists, music therapists, pet therapists, qualified masseurs and image/personal care professionals.

This year, Zhermack has chosen to spread its message of solidarity far beyond the shores of Italy, offering help to an Italian volunteer mission from AISO (Association of Italian Dental Students). This mission provides medical and dental assistance in the hospital of Andavadoaka, a small village on the south-west coast of Madagascar.

A supply of professional materials has been sent to the hospital to ensure that the local population receives adequate care and attention.