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“A Goal for Research” charity tournament

On an afternoon with a summer flavor, the charity sports event “A Goal for Research” was staged, organized by Badia Polesine-based company Bedendo Prefabbricati with the collaboration of the local soccer club.

Zhermack, as it has been recurring for several years now, participates in the event that aims to raise funds to support research against cystic fibrosis, involving local companies in a soccer tournament where the employees themselves take the field as athletes.

Paolo Ambrosini, General Manager of Zhermack, commented on participation in the now traditional charity-sports event as follows, “We are honored to be invited and involved in an event that is a recurring part of our calendar of events. Through our soccer teams, not only Zhermack’s, but also those of other local businesses, we really make our hearts and solidarity go on the net, to try to make a contribution aimed at alleviating, even if in a small way, situations of difficulty and fragility.

We are aware that even the smallest gesture can take on great significance when it comes to supporting and sustaining people less fortunate than ourselves, and this is always what drives us to accept this invitation with pride and enthusiasm.”

Appointment to 2025, for solidarity to triumph, once again.