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Città: Webinar Zoom

Nazione: Italy

Tipologia: Corsi

Padiglione: Zoom

Predictable direct restoration: unveiling PVS index applications and flowable injection techniques

Data inizio: 15/10/2024
Data fine: 15/10/2024
SPEAKER: Dr. Edoardo Mancuso


With an increasing demand for efficiency and highly aesthetic results in dental procedures, the integration of advanced materials and methods becomes crucial. This lecture will elucidate the fundamental principles of anterior direct restoration using several types of PVS index, highlighting the role of case planning and material selection in achieving optimal predictability in anterior cases. Insights will be furnished also in the best dental adhesion protocols and resin composite selection to achieve aesthetically pleasing and stable oral rehabilitation. The presentation will further explore the synergistic effects of combining flowable injection techniques with clear PVS materials, showing case studies and tips to obtain precise functional waxing and clear indexes. Attendees will gain practical knowledge on leveraging these complementary approaches to enhance various dental procedures, reducing chair time and increasing efficiency. Throughout the session, emphasis will be placed on clinical tips, best practices and the latest advancements in materials technology. The goal is to empower dental practitioners with the knowledge and skills needed to elevate the quality of their work, streamline workflow and ultimately improve patient outcomes.






Please note that the event starts at 2:00 PM CEST and ends at 3:00 PM CEST.


Starting time in other Time Zones:

New York – USA 8:00 AM; San Paolo – Brazil 9:00 AM; London – UK 1:00 PM; Rome – Italy 2:00 PM; Moscow – Russia 3:00 PM; Dubai – UAE 4:00 PM; New Delhi – India 5:30 PM; Astana – Kazakhstan 5:00 PM; Bangkok – Thailand, Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam 7:00 PM; Hong Kong – Cina, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 8:00 PM; Tokyo – Japan 9:00 PM; Sidney – Australia 11:00 PM.





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