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Zeta 5 Power Act

The 3 in 1 solution to disinfect, clean and deodorise aspiration circuits. This is the ideal solution for your needs, offering you a choice between standard time of action and rapid disinfection. Produced and tested in the Zhermack laboratories, Zeta 5 Power Act  provides protection and is compatible with the principal dental units on the market.

Zeta 5 Power Act provides:

  1. High protection thanks to the broad spectrum of action
  2. Comfort & Convenience thanks to the ‘‘3in1 action’’ and 1% concentration
  3. Time saving thanks to the quick action of the formula
  4. Safety for the professionals’ health
  5. Reliability supported by internal compatibility tests

Zeta 5 Power Act takes care of the dental suction systems and helps the constant functionality of the aspiration circuits thanks to:

  • Non-foaming formula that avoids clogging the aspiration tubes
  • Compatibility with materials that makes it suitable for most common dental units on the market