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Zhermack goes in two!

Indurent Gel and Indurent LAB: the new gel catalysts for dental practice and laboratory C-Silicones

Zhermack has developed two specific catalysts for different uses with the aim of responding to the different needs of dental professionals, be they dentists or dental technicians.

Indurent Gel and Indurent LAB have been formulated to optimize specific applications: Indurent Gel is a medical device for intraoral use while Indurent LAB is designed for dental applications.

INDURENT GEL, the gel catalyst currently on the market, is confirmed as a specific product for clinical applications, suitable for use in combination with the C-Silicones of Zetaplus System. Today it comes with an updated formula: biocompatible even on injured mucosa and gluten and lactose free for greater safety for both the professional and the patient.

INDURENT LAB, the new gel catalyst with dedicated formula, name and graphics is instead specific for dental laboratory applications, suitable for use in combination with Zetalabor and Titanium C-Silicones. Thanks to its high heat resistance, it is ideal for applications with the use of heat-curing resins, such as muffle wedging. It also offers a high dimensional stability of up to 7 days.

Indurent Gel and Indurent LAB are intended for specific applications. Therefore must not be inverted and must be used exclusively for their own field of application

Indurent Gel in combination with Zetaplus System

Indurent LAB in combination with Zetalabor and Titanium

Two different catalysts, two different uses! Choose yours!