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Acrytemp, new shades available

Acrytemp is a bisacrylic self-curing resin for the preparation of aesthetic and strong provisionals, with excellent masticatory comfort. Ease of use, reliability, safety, aesthetics. Four real advantages, for a very satisfying product.

Where ease is synonym of practicality, thanks to the compatibility of Acrytemp cartridges with the most common 4:1/10:1 dispensers. And reliability means also suitable for longer bridge spans. Reduced risk of irritation due to methyl methacrylate free formulation and tissue friendly as a result of the low temperature increase during polymerization. To create temporaries with a fluorescence close to that of natural teeth.

Acrytemp offers: 

  • High fracture resistance
  • Low temperature increase during setting
  • Fluorescence similar to natural teeth
  • Shades available: A2 – A3 – A3.5 New shades: A1 – B1

To give patients a beautiful smile, and to increase the smile of dentists.

Application picture courtesy of: Dr. M. Villaroel