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City: Webinar Zoom

Country: Italy

Type: Course

Pavillion: Zoom

The Modern Dental Tech: the new approach between analogic & digital aspect

Start date: 21/06/2022
End date: 21/06/2022
TITLE: Harmonizing smiles in challenging aesthetic treatments
SPEAKER: CDT Nicola Gondoni


ABSTRACT: Even more than dental clinics, in dental labs, the technological age has become part of everyday life, both for CAD design and for the construction of structures with the latest materials generation… digital has become part of a treatment plan. At the same time there are some processes that still require a “physical” support and traditional materials to solve complex cases. The lecturer makes his knowledge in dental technology available to the public by explaining Pro and Cons of the technological age in the dental field and by proposing prosthetic solutions that we can obtain, and in some cases even going beyond some concepts known to the public.


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