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City: Webinar Zoom

Country: Italy

Type: Course

Pavillion: Zoom

Tips and tricks, from preparation to impression…for rehabilitations in highly aesthetic zones.

Start date: 22/03/2022
End date: 22/03/2022
TITLE: Tips and tricks, from preparation to impression...for rehabilitations in highly aesthetic zones.
SPEAKER: Dr. Giacomo Armani
ABSTRACT: Today, more and more people are getting information and discovering that there are new techniques to improve their smile, so the realization of works in the aesthetic area is increasingly frequent. Thanks to new types of materials, techniques and, above all, to the advanced analysis softwares, it is possible to create simulation projects of new smiles. Although the project is a fundamental part for the realization, it is always very important to understand how to carry it out. In this webinar we will analyze all the phases from the design, to the cementation of the restorations in the aesthetic area, and we will examine specifically the preparation phases of the elements and their impression.
Click here to register to the webinar. Deadline: Tuesday, 22 March 2022 at 11 AM CET  

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