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Zhermack supports Smile Train

Zhermack supports Smile Train

On the “World Smile Day“, celebrated on October 6th, our Dentsply Sirona Group, has developed an initiative in support of Smile Train, the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to the treatment of cheiloschisis, the malformation of the upper lip commonly known also as “cleft lip” or “lupine throat“, and also Zhermack Team is joining this project.

Thanks to corrective surgery for children affected by this malformation and a great effort to raise awareness, Smile Train is able to improve every year the lives of many children in the world.

This initiative consists of supporting Smile Train who wants to create the largest online photo album of smiles, reaching a new GUINNES WORLD RECORDS™.
If we reach 20,000 photos by October 6th, our Group will donate $20,000 to the association. This way, we want to increase awareness about cheiloschisis and make the difference.

You can contribute too! Help us achieve our goal of more than 20,000 smiles by visiting the following website https/// or scanning the following QR Code:

Capture your smile, review it and submit it! And if you want to be even more effective, launch the challenge to friends, acquaintances and family!

They are just three small steps, but they can do a big the difference!