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Impact Innovation: creating high-impact innovation

Innovation means providing our Clients with new solutions that meet their requirements in a more efficient and effective way. For us at Zhermack, it means taking on unexplored areas of the market and attracting Clients that have been going elsewhere until now. All this in the pursuit of growth and excellence. Innovation is often mistaken for invention. However, the latter has a creative nuance related to the ingenuity of an individual, whereas innovation is the result of a systematic approach. Successful companies innovate continuously in a sustainable way, adopting appropriate organisational tools and solutions.

Together with Lenovys consultants, we have started to improve our system for generating new ideas for new products. We have analysed the current situation to understand where we stand and we have defined an improvement path, which will lead us to the results we expect. Impact Innovation is the tool to create a system for the continuous generation of high-impact innovation. It includes a series of approaches, tools, and performance indices, which allow us to identify low-competition and highmargin business areas in a scientific way.