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Wax up, Mock up, Speed Up. A modern approach to functional dentistry.

Data inizio: 21/09/2021
Data fine: 21/09/2021
TITLE: Wax up, Mock up, Speed Up. A modern approach to functional dentistry.


SPEAKERS: Dr. Davide Foschi – CDT Nicola Gondoni


ABSTRACT: The ADDITIVE approach is today the first option to be considered when treating serious problems of dental wear. The adhesive prosthesis characterized by the use of partial restorations, such as Onlays, Overlays and Veneers, is now preferred and sought not only by professionals, but also by patients. Exploiting the variation of the vertical dimension of the occlusion allows to operate preserving the residual dental structures to the maximum and to reduce the subtractive procedures to a minimum. Whatever gnathological philosophy may the clinician prefer, the idea “to test” the project in a totally reversible way, using complete mockups, represents a reliable, dynamic, cost-effective and comfortable method for patients. The collaboration between dental studio and laboratory plays a key role in the planning and achievement of the rehabilitation process. The comparison between the needs of the dentist and those of the dental technician allows to rationalize in which situations it is preferable to segment the realization of final restorations, rather than proceed with the simultaneous realization of complete arches. The development of new hybrid materials and digital workflow procedures allows today to make completely adhesive rehabilitations, pushing the limit of the additive approach beyond what seemed impossible only few years ago.

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