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Città: Webinar Zoom

Nazione: Italy

Tipologia: Corsi

Padiglione: Zoom

Harmonizing smiles in challenging aesthetic treatments

Data inizio: 31/05/2022
Data fine: 31/05/2022
TITLE: Harmonizing smiles in challenging esthetic treatments
SPEAKER: Dr. Mirela Feraru
ABSTRACT: Restoring teeth at the smile zone has always been a challenging task due to the need to combine structural strength of the restored tooth and the aesthetic integration with the adjacent dentition. Moreover, in order to achieve a harmonious esthetic result of an indirect restoration at the smile zone - the operative team should not only choose the material of the restoration, but also analyze and relate to the abutment type and color and to the integration of the whole restorative complex with the surrounding tissues, whether of a natural tooth (vital or non-vital), or an implant. Several techniques and materials have been developed in the last decade resulting in a paradigm shift in these delicate treatments: Ceramic materials such as and lithium disilicate - enable superior strength when adhesively bonded to the tooth structure and at the same time provide natural esthetics. Optical enhancement for the dentist and technician through magnifying loops and microscopes facilitate the meticulous operative procedures to a precision level previously unreachable. The lecture will detail the implementation of present concepts and technologies in modern prosthodontics including Model Based Restoration and Cervical Contouring - through a variety of esthetically challenged clinical cases, backed by current scientific knowledge from the literature.
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