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Integrated prosthetic-orthodontic approach through additive methods and aligners

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SPEAKERS: Dr. Davide Foschi and Dr. Valentina Lanteri


The materials available today make it possible to rehabilitate, in a non-invasive way, teeth affected by serious imperfections and wear. Often an orthodontic preparation is useful and thanks to the use of aligners it is predictable and comfortable. A preliminary set-up offers the clinician and the patient an intuitive and understandable visualization of the expected final result.

The new proposed method makes it possible to integrate the set-up with the mock-up technique, also simulating the aesthetic components of the planned restoration, in all details demonstrating the predictability and clinical reliability of the procedure.







Please note that the event starts at 2:00 PM CEST and ends at 3:00 PM CEST.


Starting time in other Time Zones:

New York – USA 8:00 AM; San Paolo – Brazil 9:00 AM; London – UK 1:00 PM; Rome – Italy 2:00 PM; Moscow – Russia 3:00 PM; Dubai – UAE 4:00 PM; New Delhi – India 5:30 PM; Astana – Kazakhstan: 6:00 PM; Bangkok – Thailand, Ho Chi Minh – Vietnam 7:00 PM; Hong Kong – Cina, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 8:00 PM; Tokyo – Japan 9:00 PM; Sidney – Australia 11:00 PM.





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