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Accuracy and precision of implant impressions

Accuracy and precision of implant impressions

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The video, based on the conclusions of the clinical study «Assessment of impression material accuracy in complete-arch restorations on four implants» led by ci B, Messias AM, Meneghello R, Ghelli F, Gatto MR, Ciocca L. and published in «Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry» 2021 Dec;126(6):763-771, is now available on our YouTube Channel.

The study in few words

Starting point:

  • Three different brands:
  1. Zhermack with Hydrorise Implant
  2. DMG with Honigum
  3. 3M ESPE with Impregum
  • In vitro study model: four implants with three different angles
  • Eighty implant pick up impressions


  1. MATERIAL TYPE: PVS – Hydrorise Implant showed significantly better accuracy and precision than polyether.
  2. TECHNIQUE: Non-splinted conditions – Hydrorise Implant performed equal or better than splinted polyether

For a more in-depth overview, find here the full article.