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Ville: Webinar Zoom

Pays: Italy

Typologie: Cours

Pavillon: Zoom

Handmade ceramics nowadays

Date de début: 16/05/2023
Date de fin: 16/05/2023
SPEAKERS: CDT Leonardo Bocabella
ABSTRACT: The presentation will be based on handcrafted ceramic restorations, and why they still have a wide market today, becoming a differentiated and unique work.
Please note that the event has a NEW TIME SCHEDULE!
  It starts at 12:00 PM CEST instead of 2:00 PM CEST and ends at 1:00 PM CEST instead of 3:00 PM CEST.     Starting time in other Time Zones:   New York - USA 6:00 AM; San Paolo - Brazil 7:00 AM; London - UK 11:00 AM; Rome - Italy 12:00 PM; Moscow - Russia 1:00 PM; Dubai - UAE 2:00 PM; New Delhi - India 3:30 PM; Astana - Kazakhstan: 4:00 PM; Bangkok - Thailand, Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam 5:00 PM; Hong Kong - Cina, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia 6:00 PM; Tokyo - Japan 7:00PM; Sidney - Australia 8:00 PM.
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